Continuing Education

CMPT adheres to the philosophy that as a university based program, there exists a mandate to be education oriented, and to provide a platform to support academic pursuits.

In line with this philosophy, CMPT offers the following Continuing Education opportunities:

International EQA Training Program

The International EQA Training Program targets laboratory professionals that are interested in implementing EQA programs in their communities.

Professional Development Course

The course  has been recognized by CSMLS for continuing education credits and focuses on the Clinical Bacteriology, Enteric Parasitology, and Mycology critiques.

POLQM – Laboratory Quality Management Course

The UBC course in Laboratory Quality Management is offered by CMPT’s sister program POLQM (Program Office for Laboratory Quality Management).

Resources for Laboratories

Quick access to Identification tables, Critiques, Photo-galleries, useful links, interpretation guidelines, etc.