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Final results Shiga Toxin ST1705

Final results for Shiga Toxin Survey ST1705 are available. Check EQA Results – Shiga Toxin Results

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Final results Mycology Survey MY1704

The final results for the Mycology Survey MY1704 are now available. Check EQA Results / Mycology Results
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Caleb Lee receives UBC Pathology Technical Staff Service Award

CMPT is thrilled to announce that Caleb Lee, one of our staff members, received the UBC Pathology Technical Staff Service Award for 2017. “This award celebrates and recognizes the contributions of committed technicians and technologists whose outstanding performance enhances the
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CMPT successfully completes ISO9001:2015 certification

CMPT was successfully audited by QMI  SAI Global and has successfully undergone certification for the new international standard ISO9001:2015. View certificate              
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Case History for M171

Clinical Bacteriology Survey M171 has shipped. You can access the Case History for each challenge HERE

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Speakers lineup for the POLQM 2017 Quality Conference

Check the lineup of speakers for the POLQM 2017 Quality Conference: Laboratory Quality in Challenging Times. LINK
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Trichomonas survey final results

Trichomonas vaginalis survey TR1704 final results are now posted online.

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Dr. Noble to present at the ASQ Annual Conference 2017

Dr. Michael Noble would be presenting at the ASQ Canada Annual Conference (April 26, 2017 –  Coquitlam, BC) on “Innovation in laboratory Proficiency Testing: Improving how we improve quality in the medical laboratory.” You can find more information on the Conference’s website:

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Case History for M164

Survey M164 will ship February 20, 2017. Case History for the challenges can be found here. (PDF)

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Newsletter Connections: Winter issue

The Winter Issue of our Newsletter “Connections” is available In this issue: Resistance to Quinolones Dr. Michael Noble visits the African Society for Laboratory Medicine HPTA – Biosecurity Plan CMPT Grading Guideline Check the Newsletter

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