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Preliminary Results – Clinical Bacteriology M182

The preliminary results for Clinical Bacteriology Survey M182 are now available. Please visit:
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Molecular & Screening Survey 1804 Final Results

The results for Surveys MR1808, VR1808, GB1808, and CRE1808 are now available online.

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Final Results EP1804

The final results for Enteric Panel Survey EP1808 are now available online

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Enteric Parasitology Final Results

Final results for survey PA1804 are available now.

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Professional Development Course Updates

  The Professional Development course is almost finished for the year. We are pleased to see 170 registered participants. We have received very good feedback from the students so we are already preparing for the 2019 year. Reminder: the course

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CMPT Data Entry Makeover

  We have been working on an alternative system for Data Entry for our Proficiency Testing programs. We should be launching some trials at the end of September. Stay tuned for communications from our Coordinator: Esther Kwok . As the

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2018 POLQM Conference

The  Program Office for Laboratory Quality Management (POLQM) is holding its annual conference in October. For more information please visit:  

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Case History M182 & Paper challenge PC182

Clinical Bacteriology Survey M182. You can access the Case History for each challenge HERE Access the scenario for Paper Challenge PC182 HERE

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Final results Mycology Survey MY1804

The final results for the Mycology Survey MY1804 are now available. Check EQA Results / Mycology Results
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Final Results for C. difficile Survey CT1805

Final results for C. difficile survey CT1805 are available online Please check EQA Results – Clostridium difficile results  

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